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Saturday, October 12, 2013

A Quiet Place

Everyone needs a little more peace in life.  Hopefully this music will give you a bit of that.
Let me introduce you to Grant.
On September 16th, 6-year old Grant Goodsell began favoring his arm due to pain. His parents took him to the doctor after noticing some swelling the next day. Doctors performed an MRI, CT scan, as well as a biopsy of a mass that was found. Grant was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, a form of bone cancer, which is in his arm and his lung. Grant’s first chemotherapy treatment was initiated on Sep. 24th. He will require 3 months of chemo, as well as daily shots to boost white blood cell counts, a daily regimen of anti-nausea and pain meds, and bi-weekly home health care for blood draws and lab work. He will also be required to have surgery which will likely result in the loss of his arm. This form of cancer has a survival rate of 20-40%.

Grant has an older brother named Christian, who is autistic. At the moment, Christian and Grant share a bedroom. One difficulty is that Christian does not understand all of the possible complications and extra care that Grant will require for the next year or so. We would like to help them finish their basement to put both boys in their own rooms so they may each have a bit more freedom and personal space.
As you can see, this sweet family has been through a lot.
All proceeds from this music will go to Gifts for Grant.  Please be generous.
Special thanks to Brittani Brown for sharing her vocal talents, Jessica Clarke for her beautiful violin performance and Mark Stephenson for his expertise in the studio.

Each purchase is for ONE copy the music only.  For multiple copies, please leave a specific message in your PayPal purchase and consider making a larger donation.

Suggested donation for mp3 - $2.00

Suggested Donation for sheet music - $5.00

The story behind the music:
Almost two years ago I entered a very difficult time in my life.  There were many hours when I felt so alone and yearned for relief.  At that time, a few phrases came to my mind.  They were words of my heart that I knew I needed to make into a song.  But life was too overwhelming.  For months those few phrases were all that existed.
In my struggles, I needed a quiet place to go to find that peace I so desperately wanted.  Though the moments were brief and sometimes unrecognized, they came.  They were just enough to get me to the next day, the next hour, the next moment.  But I had to give my heart to God to find them.
Almost a year later, I began to see more light, feel less burdened and find more hope.  And the words and music started to come.  Through the process of writing, I found so much peace.  I realized that my struggles over the previous months were what I needed to be more refined.  I discovered that I could do hard things.  I discovered that part of finding the quiet place each day was giving away my sins and weaknesses and coming to know Him more deeply.
After the music was finished, I put it away.  Like most of my music, I had no real plans to do anything with it.  There were just dreams that someday it may bring peace or joy to someone else.  And so for almost six months it sat untouched, almost forgotten.
Several weeks ago, shortly after I found out about Grant’s diagnosis, I remembered this song and I knew I needed to give it to him and his family.  As all of the plans evolved in my mind and then in reality, I realized that God knew all along this was intended for them.  I have seen His tender mercies and power as I have worked to make this a reality.
No matter how much I have struggled, I will never know the feelings they have at this time or how difficult their journey really is.  But God does and He is with them.  And hopefully, they and you can find some peace through a simple song.  It was written for them, whether I knew it at the time or not.  Now I dedicate it, and any funds it may raise, to them.  This is theirs – “A Quiet Place”.

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